Gold Paper / Rocketship


Gold Paper

Narrative Short Film
23mins 36secs


Estranged sisters meet for the first time in a long while in their deceased father’s funeral. Missing a joss paper car, Li Ping volunteers to find one.


Director: Vania Tan Min
Producer: Tong Xu Han
Editor: Foong Tze Young, Ryan
Cinematographer: Vanessa Tan
Production Design: Lee Ying Hui Candy
Sound Supervisor: Cai Rui Rong





Narrative Short Film, Drama
18mins 21secs


A naïve primary school boy attempts to mend his parent’s marriage by planning an elaborate sparkler show, in hopes of rekindling the sparks before it is too late.


Director: Choo Rui Zhi Mathias
Producer: Peh Jia Qi
Editor: Wong King Lam
Cinematographer: Vanessa Tan
Production Designer: Tong Xu Han
Director of Sound: Syaza Arinah Binte Muhammad Sham