“Void” is an interactive project that draws inspiration from the fusion of the digital and physical worlds to create an immersive experience in the form of a VR space. It presents the concept of the evolving realm of virtual fashion and explores the idea and meaning of the “void,” a space without creative constraints.

An interactive installation that envisions the future evolution of Singapore’s marine ecosystem in the face of pollution. This installation aims to foster a deeper understanding of the ecological challenges faced by our oceans and the urgent need for pollution mitigation.



+icks is an interactive installation that utilises non-verbal language as a medium to raise awareness about global warming and encourage change for Singaporeans. Through sight, sound, and touch, the project is a sensory experience that revolves around the relationship of cause and effect which is the fundamental reason for global warming. It also adopts psychological theories to analyse humans’ thoughts, behaviour, and emotions for an effective outcome.


swallow me (Again) is a time-based, multi-media installation that seeks to present an abstraction and exploration of the Mother Wound (the inter-generational pain passed between women in a line of inheritance) through the ritualization of physical motions in sculptural interaction.  

The artwork presents a speculative emancipation ritual questioning the ideology of healing and its possibility in the context of something so innately present.

Perhaps the only way to end a cycle of trauma is to remove its latest vessel from the world.

Sweeping Adventures is designed to infuse a sense of delight and childlike wonder into mundane household chores, particularly the act of sweeping with a broom. Rooted in the belief that playfulness and imagination can be rekindled in adults through interactive experiences, the installation transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. By combining the physicality of sweeping with a multisensory and interactive digital experience, the installation bridges the gap between the routine and the extraordinary, encouraging participants to embrace a childlike sense of play.

Insomnia is a well-known, widespread sleeping disorder that creates difficulties in initiating sleep and achieving a refreshing rest without any disruptions.

But what truly unfolds during the nocturnal hours of someone dealing with insomnia? 𝘊𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘦 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘌𝘺𝘦𝘴 is an interactive installation that allows you to experience the complexity and layers of an individual’s journey with insomnia. This immersive experience invites viewers to take rest while encountering unsettling sounds and visuals. It is an invitation to observe the insomniac or 𝘉𝘦 the insomniac.

Do Not Disturb highlights the tension within the symbiotic relationship of man and man-made, humans and our built environment, and aims to be a documentation and a point of reflection into how our spaces are built—the purposes they serve, its successes, its failures, and how our future must understand the balance of order and the needs of the people.


“Digital Soul & Data Metamorphosis” is an immersive and experimental new media art that documents the artist’s self-experiences, beliefs, and ideologies and examines the potential for human soul immortalisation and extension within the digital realm in the context of evolving artificial intelligence. The project raises the speculative hypothesis that the human soul, once limited to the physical realm, possesses the potential to not only thrive but also be measured, stored, generativity developed and immortalised in the virtual realm with the development of artificial intelligence and data processing. 


Breastfeeding, especially breast pumping, often encounters societal scrutiny, adding stress to mothers. This can affect milk quality and infant health. My study, informed by personal experience and scholarly research, found that maternal stress influences milk cortisol levels and infant temperament. To communicate these findings, I created an art installation that portrays the intricate experiences of pumping mothers, aiming to foster understanding and empathy. By highlighting the impact of maternal stress on breastfeeding and advocating for supportive environments, this project seeks to inspire cultural change, supporting mothers in various roles.

Since the formation of the 1971 New Culture Policy, the Malaysian government has been promoting national integration through one national culture. The mixed-media installation, titled Menjadi Rimau, seeks to conceptualize Bangsa Malaysia in cultural terms and to offer a critical perspective on the nation’s cultural identity.

Composed from speculative artifacts, textiles and moving images, the installation proposes an alternative socio-political and cultural imagination where the tiger is presented as a supra-ethnic national identity. In this imagined space, the tiger ‘unified’ the people of the nation across their differences and their ‘lost origins’ caused by the history of enforced diasporas.

By re-examining a collective historical and mythological narrative, ‘Menjadi Rimau’ serves as an open dialogue on diaspora identities in Malaysia, prompting a reflection on our cultural belonging to Bangsa Malaysia. Between fiction and fact, the work hopes to dissect cultural pluralism as part of a colonial heritage, and to offer a critical and poetic exploration of post-colonial discourses, mythology and diasporas.

Entangled States of Being is rooted in the inquiry of the nature of reality, unravelling the connections and complexities of human experience and the relentless pursuit of meaning. Drawing inspiration from concepts found in quantum physics and Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, Entangled States of Being metaphorically unravels through a non-linear narrative, revealing an intricate connection between life, perception and reality. 

At the crux of this project lies the question: do humans possess the agency to shape our reality, or do forces beyond our comprehension predetermine our experiences? As we obtain answers to such existential mysteries, we will reach a fork in the road where we have to choose if these revelations confound us or offer profound tranquillity.