Without Passage

Aporia (ᾰ̓πορῐ́ᾱ "lacking passage") — a state of puzzlement, a declaration of doubt. This project explores the relation of aporia & epiphany, in moving to a state of certainty from a state without, and offers an opinion on syntactic (form) versus semantic (meaning) epiphanies.
Through the processes of solving puzzles, we reach syntactic epiphany from uncertainty. Like most games, there is a definitive way to the end. However, whether the same can be said of the semantic — in understanding the narrative — is less clear. After all, mazes have objective truths: this is either the solution, or not. Meanings don't. They change across perspectives. I see a girl exploring her psyche. Maybe you see a witch trying to escape a prison? Maybe the person beside you sees a magician having a conversation?
Please feel free to find your own passage into your own epiphany, your own way of understanding.