Nasya Goh

Nasya Goh

The First Singaporean on Mars

It is the year 2053, where the 3rd generation of Martian astronauts have just returned to Earth. From our first landings of humans on Mars in the year 2046, a thriving space habitat has since been established on the red planet. 

In a massive collaboration with NASA and Space X, the Singaporean Space Agency (SSA) celebrates the stellar success of the first Singaporean astronaut’s mission on Mars. 

As an astronaut-cum-botanist, Goh’s mission was to cultivate and harvest nutritious Martian produce for regular consumption, ensuring a steady supply of fresh food for the colonists as well as opening the door for animals to be brought to Mars in the future. 

Having successfully achieved her mission, Goh returns to Earth with an exhibition held in her honour, to celebrate mankind pushing the limits of space exploration once again.