Reuben Tay

Reuben Tay

Let Feelings Flow

Understanding emotions is challenging for children, this confusion often manifests in children’s tantrum. This inability to control their emotion increases the likelihood of behavioural and psychological issues in the future. 

Mindfulness-based-intervention has shown effectiveness in managing negative emotion. Let Feelings Flow is created with the intention of assisting children and parents to explore emotional regulation through mindfulness, to curb the development of issues stemming from poor emotional regulation.

Due to limited findings on the effect of mindfulness on preschoolers and lack of emotional regulation education, this project focuses on how design intervention can be used to deliver mindfulness to facilitate emotional regulation among preschoolers.

The final product is a 3-book series which can also be stand-alone books; hoping to share emotions regulation strategies and mindfulness practices with parents and preschoolers to be incorporated into their daily routine, promoting emotional intelligence and eventually emotional control to improve overall well-being.