Wang Ruimeng

Wang Ruimeng

悟 · Know my heart

The Chinese character 悟 WU means “awaken”. It composes of “吾” and “忄” which means “my’’ and “heart”. It symbolizes a person’s awakening when they can understand their heart.

Zhuangzi’s Daoism ideology significantly changed how I understand the relationship between my inner self and external society. The work transforms Zhuangzi’s unrestrained, carefree, and imaginative teachings into imageries that demonstrate his ethereal yet insightful philosophy.

The world hustles and bustles for profit and fame. The stair-like sculpture mirrors the different classes in a capitalistic society.

The monochromatic room suppresses our color perception. However, a torchlight counters that, to signal hopes of illuminating our heart in a bustling world to reserve the absolute freedom for our inner self.