Yolanda Huang

Pspspsps, A Cat Project

Pspspsps, A Cat Project aims to address the misconceptions of cats as well as owning one as pet. Through humorous copywriting to lively colours used in the deliverables, this project hopes to invoke positivity to the public about cat ownership, letting them discern that the positive gains of having a cat will outweigh the worries they could have. Additionally, this project highlights the transition one will experience after getting along with a cat for a period of time. Finally, the project’s secondary aim is to encourage cat adoption, be it kittens or adult cats. This will be supported by encouraging responsible cat ownership which is delivered in a light hearted way so that it will not be overwhelming for first time cat adopters.

While this project does not aim to convert non-cat lovers to cat lovers, the message that this project would like to pass down to them is to be kind to cats even if you do not like them.