We invite you to our ADM Show 2024. A constellation of creativity and personalities, where our different pathways converge into a vibrant mosaic of possibilities.

In this showcase, you will find a coming together of our layers, intersections, and new ideas, where our biggest efforts meet you. Possibilities abound, don't miss out!
Ng Cheong Wong Jeremy S.L
Head of Design, Smile Makers Collection
Product Design, 2019
Elena Cheong
UI/UX Lead, Handshakes by DC Frontiers
Visual Communication, 2014
Jocelyn Ang
Manager, Community & Access, National Gallery Singapore
Photography, 2015
Vedant Gupta
Lead Product & Experience Designer, Aesop
Visual Communication, 2014
Michelle Kham Xiao Qin
Ben Tan Kai Xiang
Mountain Mountain
Benjamin Lee Kuan Yong
Terra: New Horizons
Caitlin Annabelle
Should I Cut My Bangs?
Cherlyn Ho Jia Yi
Cheu Li Qing Grace
Mountain Mountain
Sim Wen Yun Christy
Martinez Danielle Punzalan
Audrey Yong Jieyi
I Think I’m Going To Die
Jaime Ng Shu Yi
Neh Neh Pok
Chen Hao En Joshua
The Policeman is a Tiger
Jared Goh Rui Jie
Kiyasatina Binte Mohamad Azib
Within Beauty
Lim Lai Ting
Lim Xin Yin
Fairy’s Gifts
Maria Lee Yin Yin
Hidden in Plain Sight: A Field Guide
Tay Wei Cheng Noel
Ong Boon Huey
Face Your Demons
Paul Xuan-En Ng
Poh Liwen Meghan
I Think I’m Going To Die
Pua Jin Hin Ryan
The Beast in the Woods
Stella Soh
Su Thet Htar San
Face Your Demons
Tan Jui Hien
Wrath Unleashed: The Curse Of Hideo
Tan Ning Xuan
Tan Pang Min Angelina
The Beast in the Woods
Tan Wee Jin Benjamin
The Beast in the Woods
Tay Min Kuan
Face Your Demons
Teo Wei-Shen Zechariah
Ng Yanzhi
The Beast in the Woods
Tang Yu Yi, Megan
Vanessa Ng Ming Yan
Seh Wei Liea
The Policeman is a Tiger
Winona Marie Labarinto Mazo
Neh Neh Pok
Yang Quanhui
Heng Ray-Ern
Milk (14 mins) / Director of Photography
Hing Su Yi
Milk (14 mins) / Producer
Isaac Chan Kin Wye
The Little Pariah (19 mins) / Writer-Director
Javier Lim Yi Rong
Milk (14 mins) / Director
Liu Junxi
The Little Pariah (19 mins) / Producer
Luen Hui Juan
Milk (14 mins) / Sound Designer
Ong Jun Wen Andrew
Ha (10 mins) - A Light Hearted Short Film/Producer
Ow Hong Xu
Ha(10 mins) - A Light Hearted Short Film/ (Primary) Director of Photography (Secondary) Editor
Peng Yeen Samantha
Milk (14 mins) / Editor
Tay Kai Ren
The Little Pariah (19 mins) / Director of Photography
Cai Xiaoliang
Suit Royale
Dylan Owen Kwok
Going Up
Koh Boon Xuan
Terra: New Horizons
Li LuQi
Wrath Unleashed: The Curse Of Hideo
Low Yi Ling
Suit Royale
Sim Qian Yu, Andrea
Suit Royale
He Jingni
Virtual Reality, 3D scans, Fashion Styling
Lim Shu Hui, Jane
Simulated Evolution
Generative AI animation
Muhammad Raihan Bin Ismail
+icks (plast-icks)
Light, Touch Sensor, Sound
Qin Ai Xin
swallow me (Again)
Paper Clay, Red Liquid, Water Pump, Video
Quak Lin Hui, Alyn
Sweeping Adventures
Interactive Media, Illustrated Storybook
Shairah Bte Rohaizam
Close Your Eyes
7-minute audio, Visuals on loop projected on 1.5m x 3m cloth, Single size mattress
Trisha Lew Hui
Do Not Disturb
Interactive Media, Generative Art, Design Publication
Zhang Ziyi
Digital Soul & Data Metamorphosis: Immortalising the Soul in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
3D Game Environment
Alastor Neo Shao Jun
The Scents I Remember
Hahnmuhle Photo Rag
Chuen Kah Jun
No Man’s Land
Photobook, Vinyl Sticker Print
Muhd Danial Mirza Bin Mohd Tahir
Hahnmuhle paper
Chee Yu Jing, Julianna
to fill a void is to understand yearning
Organza Fabric
Lim Pei Yi
perfect blue
Interactive Installation
Lum Jie Le Jonathan
In the End It’s Only Temporary
Inkjet Prints on Organza Fabric UV Prints on Vinyl Sticker
Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Mohamed Dali
When The Moon Faces The Earth
Photobook, Mixed Media Prints
Raeann Lee An
How to Disappear
Moving Image 4mins 22secs
Yeow Ying Hong Siobhan
A still small voice
Giclee Prints on Hahnemuhle Rice Paper
Tan Lay Wen
Words under the Sun
Single Channel Video, 12 mins 30 secs
Tay Yi Ling
I think holding you near the kitchen light wouldn’t be so bad
Silver Gelatin Prints, Mixed Media Installation
Wayne Wang Wei En
Driven by Dreams
50cm x 40cm Reversed 2L Print on 5mm Clear Acrylic
Jiang Yuting
Singapore’s Death Sustainability – Human Objectification
Human hair, clay 3D printing technology, wood, metal, wax, incense, plants, food
Lim Ting Fang
service design, experience design, user interface design, plants
Mathialagan Merlin
Out of the Box
Sharon Lynn Thesali
Fabric, resin printing
Sun Rui Tong
Reviving Our Times
Paper, fishing wire, spotlights, clear acrylic, stepper motors, arduino
Tan Yi Ting
How are you, really? Let’s Talk
Copper sheet, macrame, broken mirrors, wire, wire mesh, yarn, threads, wood, dyed fabric
Anjelica Tan Huang Anqi
Moving Past Disgust
Illustration, Print, Lasercut
Bryan Khua
Remembering the Singapore Tech Expo
CG Rendering, Motion Graphics, Print Design
Carissa Caitlin
Reshaping Learning for Children with Dyslexia
Type Design, Print, Packaging
Cerine Lim Suet Ying
Escape Club: Afterschool CCA Club against Design Homogeneity
Poster, Magazine Publication, Editorial, Workshops
Charissa Liu Hui Ying
Don’t Throw Away: Notes On The West Coast House
Narrative, Editorial Design, Illustration
Charlotte Chan Rong Xuan
Tone Death
Printed Zine Experiments, Poster
Pahang Chelsea Ro-Ann Dugang
The Anxious Chronicles
Spiral bound book, assorted illustrated posters and merchandise
Chen Xinyue
Planting Heritage
Printed Zine, Illustrations
Chow Zheng Kai
Printed Publication
Cindy Ong Xin Yi
Go Home
Printed Graphic Novel, Illustrations
Zhang Yiyuan (Evie)
Paper, Video, Audio
Feng Yuxin
Meals Matter
Print, illustrations, editorial design, branding
Luah Jia Yi Heidi
Ledge Gardens
Hard cover, hand bound book, medium grain paper
Hur So Hyun
a-reum : The Korean Bojagi Reimagined
Patterned Fabrics, Fashion Zine, Photographic Print
Joy Cheong Ningyue
Lost in Translation
Illustrated Book
Lee Chaewon
Stories of Mathtopia: From Math Anxiety to Math Mastery
Illustrated Storybooks, Prints, VR experience
Lee Song Fei
和MONY: Harmony through Diversity
Illustration, Fabric print, Acrylic engraving
Lim Jie Ru
How Far is the Sun?
Illustrated watercolour book
Low Jia Ying
A Guide for Green Little Beings: How to See Plants
Narrative, Illustration, Editorial Publication
Mehta Shivani
Thick Thrills – Because life’s too short for skinny taste
Product Design, Branding
Nathaniel Joshua Dass
Our Sexual Health
Branding & Advertising
Nicole Tan Yingli
Novak — Navigating Identity in a Commodified Reality
Interactive Installation, Web Design, Editorial, Packaging
Nur Hadinah Binte Jimani
Not Today Failure: A Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming Fear of Failure
Illustration, Print, Prompted Journal
Renette Chan Yue Ting
“Bread Crumbs: The Bonds We Have with Bread
Illustrated Print Media (Books)
Sang Tee Hong
The journey beyond: Embracing end of life conversations for young adults
Illustration, Website
Shreya Acharya
Past Forward: A Study of Indian Design Language
Printed Visual Research Books, Illustrations, Posters
Simangan Jacqueline
You Don't Seem Filipino
Graphic Novel, Print
Soon Jia Yi
Tidy Hoarders
Social Media, Branding, Print
Bijjala Sudheeshna
You Are Loveable: Anthology of Singaporean Dating Stories
Graphic Novel, Print and Digital
Syifa Nurul Huda Binte Zainal
Jawi Kita
Print, Game Design
Tan Min Nie
New Tea Experience
Printed Book and Plywood
Tatiyana Elisa Binte Hermanto
The School of Real Men
Teh Yulin Joreen
Inside My Head
Printed Illustrations in calendar and journal form
Thng Kai Xiang
Print, Illustration
Thou Jia Wen
Social In Situ: A situational guide for the socially apprehensive
Social Media, Motion Graphic, Character Design, Print, Archetype Quiz
Lim Yanru Victoria
D(RAFT): Navigating Between Passion and Practicality
Editorial publication, Illustrations, Mixed media
Yew Lik Zhun
Penguin On A Mission
Pixel Art Animation, Music Creation, Visual Identity
Zhao Shiyuhan
TRANSCULTURAL ODYSSEY: From Chongqing to Singapore
Narrative, Print, Illustration, Character Design
Nur Haidah Binte Mohamed Arip
Project Little Light
Illustrated Books, Prints
Nur Amirah Binte M Saharudin
Nurtured Streams: A Tribute to Maternal Bonding
Air tubes, Synthetic Milk, Metal, Dosing Pump
Ryan Christian Misson
Terra: New Horizons
Ng Jia Ching
Wrath Unleashed: The Curse Of Hideo
Wynne Yap Waiyi
Claudia Wee Yuanqin
Ha (10 mins) / Director
Joel Neo Rui En
Roger Ng Wei Lun
Menjadi Rimau
Video, Digital Animation, 3D prints, Found Objects, Stencil on Textiles, Print on Samba Fabric, Dye Sub on Chromaluxe, Wood, Clay, Cow Hide, Acrylic
Lee Wan Wen Monica
Entangled States of Being
Interactive Media, Video, Digital Animation, Generative AI
Jonathan Lee Cheng Juan
The Collection of Objects
Wood, Steel
Joey Yeo Hui Ting
Cammie Toh Su Qi
Nostalgia: Rose Tinted Glasses
Printed Zine, Illustration
Kerk Jing Yi
Girlhood Studies
Mixed Media Prints
Aaron Salim
The Rich Designer: A Doomsday Survival Guide For Designers
Illustration, Print Design, Digital
Ng Teng Han
…and someone cared about me in this world to take my picture
Various Dimensions, Giclée Print, Collage

  • Visual Communications
  • Interaction
  • Product Design
  • Animation
  • Filmmaking
  • Game
  • Photography
  • Research Buff
  • Down for Whatever
  • Independent Hustle
  • Employment
  • Storytellers
  • Thinkers
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